30 years of experience to
serve self-reliant and
independent life

REX-SAN celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2021. This occasion was topped up when the company opened a new site with the area of 1800 m2, where production has been modernized and where a new era may begin: the next 30 years.

Our company has been operating as a family business to date; it is 100% Hungarian ownership. The second-generation management succeeded in leading the company into a new era, which will guarantee quality and reliability on the long term. Our ISO-13485 certificate guarantees all of our operations. The EU regulation, which was entered into force this May, has represented significant task for producers on the market of medical devices in the recent period. REX-SAN has complied with the changeover and performed all required tasks so as to operate as reliable source of supply for its partners also in the new legislative environment.


Given its own sewing workshop and metal tool machining workshop, REX-SAN is available for the customers in realizing their ideas and manufacturing their products. Of course it is not a problem for us either if we have to put customer’s logo on finished products.


During the consultation with medical specialist, the prescription of the selected products supported by the social security system is possible, additionally single request of reasonableness may be submitted for the products not supported by the social security system. Our medical specialists, together with the orthopaedic technician and the consultant colleague, provide assistance in the rehabilitation process.

Wheelchair service Our professional repairers provide maintenance and repair services of standard and active wheelchairs, mopeds and electric wheelchairs distributed by us. When the guarantee period is over, the medical accessory can be repaired also based on prescription until the end of the stipulated service life. For additional information please call our phone number +36 20/371-3119 or you can contact us via e-mail szerviz@rex-san.hu, and we encourage you to visit our website at www.helpszerviz.hu!

Orthopaedic workshop Our company also undertakes to manufacture prostheses, corsets and orthoses based on single sizing. Given his experience of several decades, our orthopaedic technician colleague provides assistance in selecting the device, paying special attention to give the most suitable medical accessory to every patient. For additional information please contact Orthopaedic Technician János GERGELY (Tel: +36 20/213-9165)!

Sizing, consultancy Before the prescription and order of wheelchairs, mopeds, we aim at providing possibility to try the particular medical accessory. We will provide detailed information about the use of devices, additionally of various technical parameters in each case, because selecting the suitable medical accessory is of utmost importance for us. For additional information please contact us via email iroda@rexsan.hu!

We are proud that main part of our products is manufactured by Hungarian workers in Budapest. – sticks, crutches, walking frames, toilet chairs, bath seats and handrails, prosthetic limbs, linen and plastic corsets, abdominal support belts, knee, ankle, and wrist protectors, additionally other orthopaedic and rehabilitation products.

We offer specific solutions in case of special requirements

Given our orthopaedic workshop and sewing workshop, in case of special requirements, we can offer customized solutions, prosthetic limbs, prostheses based on single sizing. Manufacturing of metal devices of small series, or even single ones, digital designing and producing of prototypes is possible, which we can manufacture in the highest quality by means of our robots, not only in the scope of healthcare. We can machine all kinds of pipes or hollow sections, and we can weld practically everything. Do not hesitate to contact us with your specific ideas and we manufacture it in a cost-effective way.